Farah Ameen: Describes Spitzer’s dedication, skills 

Thursday, March 22, 2018
Describes Spitzer’s dedication, skills

I met Kerry Spitzer on a cold, snowy Sunday morning in February 2017.

As part of the Vote Yes team that campaigned for the school project in Amherst last year, a group of us had gathered at our meeting spot/child care home to pick up our canvassing lists. Kerry was one of two young, sleep-deprived mothers there, with her baby boy all bundled up in his stroller — the youngest activist among us.

A few weeks later, there she was again: phone banking on Election Day, with a bouncing baby Gus strapped to her back. All I could think was, Wow, that is one dedicated woman.

Kerry grew up in Amherst. She knows our town and how its schools work. She recognizes the challenges facing our schools and its teachers and leaders, who are committed to excellence in education.

As a budget and policy analyst in New York City, she focused on affordable housing, homelessness, and criminal justice. Kerry knows how essential it is to understand how our schools intersect with the challenges that face our community, including housing, health, and hunger.

I don’t know how she does it all. This year, she volunteered on the Enrollment Working Group and served on Town Meeting, while holding down a job and being a devoted mother to two young kids.

That’s Kerry Spitzer for you: smart, dedicated, skilled, and passionate about our town and its schools. Amherst would be privileged to have her on School Committee.

Kerry Spitzer has my vote on March 27.

Farah Ameen