Christmas trees sought for goat meals at Hadley farm

  • Baby goats at Michelle Chandler’s farm this week. SUBMITTED PHOTO

Staff Writer
Monday, January 03, 2022

AMHERST — Fresh-cut Christmas trees set up in homes for the season could soon become meals for goats at an Amherst farm.

As in past years, Michelle Chandler at Blessed Acre Farm, 326 West Pomeroy Lane, is allowing people to drop off trees that her goats will consume.

“My goats are really looking forward to adding the vitamins and minerals from the trees to their diet of less-awesome hay,” Chandler said.

Christmas trees, through both the needles and bark, provide the animals with vitamin C and other nutrients.

The wet weather throughout the summer months also led to poor hay harvests, she said.

Six of Chandler’s goats have kidded in the past week, and Chandler noted that “nursing mothers are hungry mothers.”

Anyone depositing a tree should remove ornaments and tinsel.