The Lehrer Report: July 1, 2022

Monday, July 04, 2022

Garden report: some tomatoes are bigger than a golf ball. Eating them gets closer each day.

Something ate the green beans leaves. Since I have a raised bed and the stems were quite high, I knew it wasn’t the bunny or chipmunk. I thought a deer but we don’t have deer in Orchard Valley. Surprise! Yes, we do. A neighbor told me a deer was in her front yard. I will have to install a fence.

The straw flowers and morning glory have bloomed.


The Independence Day celebration will be held Friday, July 1 at the UMass fields with the Amherst Community Band concert, food, games and fireworks. Note the earlier date.

On the Fourth of July, Monday, South Amherst will have its traditional parade around Fiddler’s Green, the South Amherst Common. Parade participants should arrive at 9:30 a.m.to register. The parade starts at 10 a.m. followed by games. Lemonade and ice cream will be distributed at no charge. Bring chairs or blankets.

It’s free and donations are welcome.


Amherst folks are found in major outlets/platforms.

Marilyn and Jeff Blaustein graciously sent me links to the New York Times where their son and daughter-in-law were featured in the Style section’s mini-vows, which is major. Everyone reads this section.

The story, “A Cheesy Romance From the Start,” focused on Jeremy Blaustein, who graduated from ARHS, and Elizabeth Moroney. They met at Fromaggio Kitchen, a cheese shop, where they both worked starting as cashiers. They have since advanced to management positions. He proposed by placing a ring on a cheese plate that featured their favorite cheese, robiola incavolata, a type of goat cheese.

It’s a great story.


When I was doing the New York Times Spelling Bee/Beehive, Ellen Lindsay of Amherst was listed as providing some tips.

Then Lois Brown of Shutesbury was heard on NPR’s “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me” as a participant in the limerick challenge.


Orchard Valley is an active place. The newly formed Glendale Players, led by Lori Colliander, presented “A Very Hungry Caterpillar ” in a Glendale Road backyard and at the Amherst Montessori School last week. The sets and props were amazing.

A blue Teddy Bear Pools hot air balloon lifted off from the field on Pondview Drive Sunday evening. The weather was perfect. I told the riders they were going to Kansas. Neighbors took lots of pictures.


The news about Hastings closing is too depressing to write about. We all have so many stories. Thank you doesn’t seem enough for all that the business and staff have meant to our community.


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