Ron Adams: A friendly reminder

Thursday, April 23, 2020

I recently heard a prominent local radio station air a beautiful “We’re All In This Together” ad.

It spoke of when this is over we will once again go to concerts, gather in groups, pray, have a picnics, try our luck at the casino, etc. Many wonderful and inclusive things that we desperately miss will one day again be ours!

Then the ad went on to say “And we will still hate the Yankees.” Suddenly all the marvelous imagery was washed away when hate was added to the mix. I understand that this was an attempt at humor, and I would have been able to let it go, but the commercial went on about how someday we will once again be unified.

Unified? Now the content that caused me to have an upset stomach rose to strong disappointment. Unification cannot be achieved through hatred. Perhaps a certain amount of like-mindedness happens, but if one truly hopes for unity, all must be included. Please consider rewriting the ad adhering to the original beautiful concept that “We Are All in This Together.”

Ron Adams