Carole Learned-Miller and Susan Bain Bellak: Reelect incumbents to School Committee

Thursday, October 31, 2019

The Amherst School Committee is comprised of an effective and efficient group of committed and caring members, each of whom deserves to be reelected: Eric Nakajima, Allison McDonald, Kerry Spitzer and Peter Demling. As two mothers with a combined 38 years (among six children) in the system, we have been actively involved in the Amherst schools over the past decade and feel uniquely qualified to endorse these candidates.

While these School Committee members have diverse backgrounds, they work well together and have already achieved a great deal for the district, including the recent submission of a statement of interest for a new school building, realization of the dual immersion program at Fort River, improvement of the athletic fields at the high school, the passing of a budget each year protecting critical supports for students, and the implementation of restorative justice practices at both the middle and high schools.

Amherst has had many committed individuals over the years, however, this specific set of school committee members, as well as the one prior, has been particularly collaborative with one another and with our superintendent. Consistent leadership is critical for school improvement, as real improvement takes steady, long term and coherent focus.

Our town is fortunate that these School Committee members would like to continue their service. We owe it to our school children to re-elect them.

Carole Learned-Miller


Susan Bain Bellak