Don Ogden: End logging on public lands

Saturday, May 14, 2022
End logging on public lands

Kudos to Darcy Dumont (“Turning the Titanic in time,” April 15) for including the “need to stop deforestation … and embark on afforestation” as part of the critical effort to confront the climate crisis. It should be noted, however, there exists another aspect of natural carbon capture with regard to forests and trees that is far too often overlooked: proforestation.

The need to end logging on public lands and allow those lands to continue capturing CO2 emissions and store the carbon undisturbed is essential to our struggle against climate chaos. Sadly, Massachusetts has been overlooking that leg of the stool for years, preferring to continue business-as-usual and allow the cutting down of mature trees for private profit on public land and thus removing much needed carbon capture.

As you read this there are two bills in the state House of Representatives that would do just that: H. 912 An Act relative to forest protection and H. 1002 An Act relative to increased protection of wildlife management areas. Those bills were foolishly left out of the recent Climate Omnibus bill in the Senate, but there remains a chance to pass them in the House if enough residents of the commonwealth urge their representatives to act on it. Not to act on it is to do a disservice to our children and grandchildren who require a livable world in the future.

Don Ogden