Elisa Campbell: Burnett Gallery backs library project

Thursday, October 21, 2021

The Burnett Gallery Committee is a group of volunteers who are responsible for monthly art shows in the Burnett Gallery in the Jones Library. These monthly shows provide an opportunity to display the work of artists and craftpeople from Amherst and nearby towns. Individual and group shows include works of high quality by individuals who may not have the reputation or resources to enable them to exhibit at museums or commercial galleries.

The current location of the Burnett Gallery is difficult for visitors to find. Patrons frequently have to ask the library staff how to find it. It is also not in the sight lines of any staff. The lighting is inadequate, the bulbs are expensive and energy inefficient. There is very little storage space for hanging devices, tools or a ladder when needed. Pedestals for 3-D art are stored in an alcove across from the elevator. There is no space for plexiglass security toppers for these pedestals.

The Burnett Gallery Committee supports the Amherst Town Council vote to accept a state grant and to move forward to renovate and expand the Jones Library. We look forward to a centrally located gallery with access for all, adequate storage space, and energy efficient lighting.

Elisa Campbell

Chairperson, Burnett Gallery