Genevieve E. Chandler: Kudos to councilors

Thursday, November 18, 2021

I am in full support of Amherst Town Councilors Patricia DeAngles and Lynn Griesemer’s proposal for a moratorium on ground-based solar projects. I am all for solar but the rape of the beautiful forest, the well-traveled trails and our precious wildlife behind the Cherry Hill Golf Course to put up acres of solar panel was atrocious.

The loss of old growth trees, the peacefulness fo the woods and the inspiration of nature have been devastating.

We recently had solar panels installed on our roof and it was recommended we remove a skylight that brought in morning sun, the clouds going by and the changing leaves. I agreed for the sake of one more panel but once the inside ceiling was dark I was reminded that I run in solar energy too and need that daily dose of light.

We had the skylight cut back in. The acres of woods we lost to the miles of solar panels will never be back. Thank you councilors, for your foresight.

Genevieve E. Chandler