Pelham Dems take stand on gun control legislation

Thursday, June 23, 2022
Pelham Dems take stand on gun control legislation

The following resolution, addressed to Congressman Jim McGovern and to Sens. Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren, was voted by the Pelham Democratic Town Committee at its June 6 meeting:

“Whereas our national Constitution, written in the wake of the agrarian unrest of the 1780s that began in Pelham, Massachusetts, to establish ‘domestic tranquility’ in the name of the ‘general welfare,’ 

Whereas the recent wave of mass murder carried out by bearers of automatic and semiautomatic firearms again threatens the life, liberty, and property of Americans on the job, in places of worship, and at school provokes widespread fear, disrupts everyday rhythms, and makes ordinary life insecure,

Whereas the “good guy with a gun” theory proposed by defenders of the Second Amendment is a dodge and a feeble antidote that has not prevented gun violence and probably never will,

And whereas the most recent Supreme Court ruling on the Second Amendment asserts that the right to bear arms is no more absolute than any other enumerated right,

Therefore, we, the members of the Town of Pelham Democratic Committee urge our lawmakers in Washington to support legislation that prohibits the manufacture, sale, possession, and use of automatic and semiautomatic firearms.

This resolution was adopted by the Pelham Democratic Town Committee, whose members include Gayle R. Barton, Barbara Cooper, Judith S. Eiseman, Ralph Faulkingham, Diane Gray, Abbie Jenks, Bruce Laurie, Jane Porter, Richard Seelig, Linda Smircich, Charles H. Weeber III, and Nancy Rose Weeber.