Robert Brooks: ‘It could be worse’

Thursday, June 03, 2021

Concerning Nick Grabbe’s guest commentary on May 21 (“Why so much hate for these buildings),” he seemed to be trying to make the case, to justify, that notwithstanding some negatives, there is a net gain for the town from these five-story eyesores (my characterization). His conclusion apparently is, “It could be worse!”

Sadly to say, he is right, but that’s hardly comforting and convincing.

Lately, whenever I pass an “open space,” I try to remember it as it is, lest the site usurpers also notice, and see it as yet another opportunity, for yet another five-story, out-of-scale visual blemish — tax gain to the town notwithstanding.

If this is progress, there goes the neighborhood!

A subsequent article (not by Grabbe) indicated that “Amherst planners vote down building moratorium.” Shame on them — perhaps, if not presumably, they are newcomers, with little or no understanding of what is right for Amherst, not just for developers!

Robert Brooks