Ruth Smith: Letter offered some ideas for UMass

Thursday, November 18, 2021

The letter submitted by John Varner as to how Penn State addresses student rentals (“Lessons from Penn State,” Nov. 5) offered some good ideas that UMass and the town might consider.

We own a home next to a house that is rented to students who throw very loud and huge parties until early morning hours. We and other year round residents have had to call the police a number of times to complain and break up the party. Some of the partygoers have even parked in our and other neighbors’ driveways.

The UMass representative met with the students, to no avail. He told us the students were belligerent. The landlady does not live here and only comes to periodically check on the house and has shown no regard for those of us who have complained to her.

The idea of rental permits and holding the owners of these rentals financially responsible is a very possible solution to the problem.

Ruth Smith