Steve Maislin: Put bike lanes on both sides of Route 9 in Hadley

Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Regarding a Jan. 29 article in the Bulletin, “Board wants one bike lane along Route 9,” highlighting a plan to put a bike lane on only one side of the road in Hadley, there was a quote that I found to demonstrate a Hadley Planning Board member’s complete lack of understanding regarding the safety needs of commuter cyclists.

I was disappointed when I read, “Keep the bikers off Route 9. Put them back on the bike path where they belong,” Joyce Chunglo said.

By Massachusetts law, cyclists have just as much right as an automobile to be on any road unless it specifically forbids it such as on some interstate highways.

A bike lane on Route 9 in each direction is necessary for safe cycling. I should also point out that many cyclists move along at 10-20 mph and should not be on a multiuse rail trail along with dog walkers and other pedestrians with small children, as suggested by Chunglo.

I suspect that many commuters on Route 9 have no other means of transportation other than by bike and are not out riding for recreational purposes.

Steve Maislin