Zion Mentin-Chamble: An 8-year-old’s wish

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Editor’s note: Zion, 8, wrote this speech for a youth rally that took place in Amherst earlier this month. He is sharing it with the community here.

Hi, my name is Zion, I am going into the third grade at Fort River Elementary School. I am here to talk about the changes I would like to see in Amherst.

I would like to have more black and brown teachers in the school district who represent me and students of color.

We learn about Black history one month out of the year during February’s Black History month. We should incorporate Black history into what we learn all year, because Black history is America’s History.

I would also like to see the name of our town change. The name is honoring someone who killed many Native Americans. I think we should change it to something we would all like and respect because Black Lives Matter.

Zion Mentin-Chamble, 8