Digging for democray Lifestyles

Saturday, April 01, 2017

The Powers that Be Constantly Complaining are now complaining about a Deep State. Don't blame our president's bizarre start on the fact that he's an insulting buffoon with no experience in government. No, his blank slate is supposedly the result of an entrenched bureaucracy that is obstructing and subverting his agenda. Sorry, make that "his #agenda."

Nothing could be more un-American than a Deep State. Unelected, unsupervised, unaccountable to "the people," the Deep State must be stopped. While that might be true if the president were popular, prudent, or qualified to do his job, in our current weirdness the Deep State is the very model of democracy that the Founding Fathers had in mind. And I'm here to tell the Powers that Be Complaining that they have no idea how deep the Deep State now runs.

Let's start digging.

The first layer of the Deep State is right here. What you're reading. Not very deep, I admit, but this newspaper and the rest, though endangered in recent years, are the upper crust of the Deep State. This crust cracked during the campaign, allowing rumors and boldfaced lies to slip between the cracks. But the cracks are being repaired. Every time you encounter the phrase "the president asserted today, without any evidence ..." you're seeing the repair job. But let's plunge deeper.

The next layer of the Deep State is American culture. This layer is thick in some parts of the country, thin in others, but with TV and movies spreading a patina of protest from coast to coast, this layer will soon solidify. Every joke, every parody, every cartoon or comment in support of common sense deepens the Deep State, making it harder to drain imaginary swamps, fire off feckless accusations or freeze the future.

Next layer down you'll find Thomas Jefferson. "No man will ever carry out of the presidency the reputation which carried him into it."

Dig still deeper and you meet the small 'd' democrats, the Americans whose dedication puts the "self" in self-government. Here at this level, the vast majority of city councils, town meetings, and Select Boards are getting restless. The deeper ones have openly defended democracy, while others are simply shaking their heads and saying, "All right, wha'd that #$@$%$ say now?"

The Deep State normally doesn't go much deeper than this, but against Powers that Be Conniving, it goes deeper still.

According to recent surveys, every forest animal is now against this president. Dogs and cats all pee in his path. The air darkens when he breathes it. Trees are united against him, and water runs backwards when his name is mentioned. Weather patterns are shifting in opposition and several planets have been lining up against him. If I were working for the Powers, I'd keep my eye on sun and moon.

Next comes another layer of Jefferson: "The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions that I wish it to always be kept alive."

Finally, at the deepest layer of the Deep State lie its seeds. We, the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice and all that stuff that used to seem dull or corny — WE are discovering something in this creaky country worth fighting for. We are waking up from the nightmare of a hideous campaign and a tainted election to take on the Powers dedicated to dividing and conquering us.

At this lowest layer, the Deep State is simply called Democracy. With a capital D. Take this base layer, fortify it with facts, history, and law, and you have a pretty damn Deep State, Mr. President. Please proceed with your #agenda.

Bruce Watson can be reached at breadandroses22@yahoo.com.