Rachel Vigderman: Vote for Dorothy Pam

Thursday, November 01, 2018
Vote for Dorothy Pam

I grew up in Amherst and have returned for 14 years now as a resident on Amity Street. I support candidate Dorothy Pam for district 3. Dorothy is an experienced activist and educator. She is whip smart and energetic. I believe as an independent she will work for policies that are in the interest of all residents of the town of Amherst which has a wonderful past and a great future.

Dorothy will work tirelessly to increase affordable housing; for land and energy conservation, and for sustainability. She is in favor of creating two new elementary buildings. She is committed to building up to date fire department and public works facilities.

She supports development which preserves trees, green space, sunlight, scale and context throughout the town.

She believes in maintaining and strengthening friendly, safe, affordable multi-age residential buildings where residents can walk, bike, and meet.

I recognize that Amherst is no longer the sleepy town where I collected S&H Food Stamps from Louis’ foods and bought penny candy from Augie’s smoke shop. However, I don’t believe that moving “Forward” is allowing monstrous buildings without setbacks, greenspaces and parking spaces. This leaves the residents, not the developers, on the hook for providing parking.

I left New York City for my hometown Amherst. New York City has plenty of room on the sidewalks for strollers and ubiquitous green spaces and parks. This can certainly be done here. With all the brain capital in Amherst, let’s work together now to create a pleasing town.

Rachel Vigderman