Elizabeth R. Sawicki and Daniella E. Sherman: Teens: Give people paid time off to vote

Wednesday, November 04, 2020

We are eighth graders at Amherst Regional Middle School. In school we have been working to make voting more accessible for people. We propose that each and every company/business in the United States give their employees a two-hour paid break on Election Day to vote.

They will be paid an average two-hour salary in the two hours they have off work to vote. Our proposal would work like this. An executive of a company/business would split the workday into quarters, halves or thirds, whichever works for their business. Each of the groups will have a two-hour time slot on Election Day for them to vote.

We also propose that all of the subways and public transportation give a day of free rides to the voting locations. This is important because some people would get the time off, but would not be able to get to the voting locations. By doing this, you can help your workers, and friends get enough time to vote.

Giving the employees their money and still allowing people to vote is a big deal. Having transportation going and not having any cost for that day is a big deal. But most importantly by doing this, you are giving thousands of people the opportunity to do what everyone should have the privilege to do. — to have a word in what happens to your country, not what other people want to happen to it.

Don’t be that one person, company, or business that doesn’t encourage its employees to vote. Let them vote, let their voices be heard. Thank you for reading our proposal, hopefully you will take it into consideration.

Elizabeth R. Sawicki


Daniella E. Sherman