Police look for driver accused in hit-and-run dog death

For the Bulletin
Thursday, January 11, 2018

SUNDERLAND — A 6-year-old dog died after being reportedly struck by a vehicle while on a walk Saturday night, and police are looking for the driver who is responsible.

Around 7:20 p.m. a resident of Silver Lane was walking a “pit mix” named Bruce on that street when a vehicle, which police say may have been a Toyota RAV4, hit the dog and kept going, Sunderland Police Sgt. Brendan Lyons said.

“According to the owner of the dog, the vehicle didn’t slow down or attempt to stop,” Lyons said.

Police are now searching for the driver of the vehicle. Lyons said authorities have a couple of leads, and a possible criminal charge the person could face would be operating to endanger.

Lyons noted that it appears the owner of the dog and the dog were partially in the southbound lane, where the vehicle was traveling. He said this might have been in part because of the snow banks, which are fairly typical for this time of year.

“Unfortunately the dog was struck, but fortunately the owner wasn’t,” Lyons said. “It was a tragic event.”