Thomas Doubleday: Why Trump stays on ballot

Matt Moloney via StockSnap

Matt Moloney via StockSnap Matt Moloney via StockSnap

Published: 02-03-2024 10:55 AM

I find it very interesting that an attorney such as John Bonifaz, who is supposed to be versed on constitutional rights, thinks it is OK to skirt amendments such as the Fifth, which states that everyone is afforded the right to a fair trial and the due process of law.

There is only one reason to remove Donald Trump from any state’s ballot, and that is hate. Trump has yet to be convicted of any violation cited in the 14th Amendment, or any other crimes in any court.

I agreee that few people actually like Trump, but that is the issue at hand. If and when he is convicted of crimes stated in the 14th Amendment, then and only then should he be removed from any ballot. Doing so without due process may rightly open these people to a huge lawsuit.

Neither Trump nor Biden will destroy this country — they both may have a huge negative impact, but we as a country are very resilient and over time will recover. What we will never recover from is when the justice system becomes political and is no longer impartial.

Thomas Doubleday