Molly Turner: Jones Library Trustees should revisit document

Thursday, January 03, 2019
Jones Library trustees should revisit document

Last month the Gazette reported that the Jones Library President Sarat was “befuddled” by why trustees are responsible for asking to fund what is a town building.

Years and years ago, in 1984, there was a Memorandum of Understanding between the Board of Selectmen of Amherst and the Board of Trustees of the Jones Library. According to an account on the Jones web page, the North Amherst Library became a branch of the Jones Library in 1925.

The Memorandum of 1984 addressed the questions that had “arisen with respect to the legal and financial relationships … between the Town of Amherst and the Jones Library Trustees.” Also this document expresses “a wish to adopt a common interpretation … and a wish to establish compatible administrative policies.”

Perhaps a rereading of this document by the President and the Board of Trustees would help enlighten the befuddlement.

Molly Turner