Michael Lawrence Levine: Only in Amherst 

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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Does cutting down a huge carbon absorbing, healthy, century old maple to make room for a $1.8 million greenspace improvement plan to plant new trees, make sense?

Does the primary criteria to be considered a successful town manager entail the ability “to manage the stress and the job,” rather than managing a more productive relationship with a 30,000 student services-consuming university, make sense?

Does giving the same DPW responsible for our third world roads, a grant to spend 80 hours studying how to improve trash pickup — one of the only things that actually works and that the DPW is bound to make worse — make sense?

Does increasing residential property taxes over 4%, while not simultaneously addressing student rental properties as a business, make sense?

I better stop making sense right now.

Michael Lawrence Levine